The Cordova Church of Christ began as a mission effort by a small group of military service people and their families. They wanted to have a place for Christians from the local military bases just after the end of World War II. Weekly gatherings originated in various locations, from garages to insurance offices, until they built a small church building with a capacity of 150.

In 1986, approximately 300 members marched one mile down Coloma Road to our current facility. Not only was it a defining moment for our congregation, but also a very exciting one because we would be worshiping and learning in a new facility equipped with a large auditorium, numerous classrooms, and a library.

In 1993, our local military base closed. Although we are no longer considered a “military congregation,” we are still actively growing and clearly have a mission to spread God’s word to those around us.

Today, our church family is ethnically diverse with members living in more than 40 communities throughout the greater Sacramento area. This gives us a tremendous amount of God-given talent and experience, which we utilize in all area’s of God’s work. Cordova members believe in caring for and supporting one another through fellowship and service to others.