Welcome to our church!

I love Cordova Church of Christ, and I am so thankful you are taking the time to consider learning more about our faith community. Before you dive deeper, I want to share two reasons why I believe our church is beautiful.

First, we are passionate about Jesus. He is our rock, our shelter during the hard times of life, our reason for hope, and our reason for joy. We want everyone to fall in love with Jesus and to experience the love He has for this world. Loving Jesus is central to everything we do, whether it’s a Sunday morning praise time or a random Saturday paintball game; Jesus’ love surrounds us all.

Second, we are imperfect in our passion for Jesus and people. That may seem like an odd thing to bring up, but hear me out. At Cordova, we are aware that each of us has brokenness in our story. We have all made mistakes. We all come with baggage from life’s woes, and we still love each other. We are a grace oriented community who wishes to meet people as they are, wherever they are in life. We are by no means perfect, and perfection is not a requirement to belong to our community.

If you’re looking for a faith community to join, need some help with a struggle in life, or simply need a warm hug, I believe you’ll find it here.


In Him,
Kyle Sapp
Preaching Minister