Adult Classes

Scrappy Church—God’s Not Done Yet

Taught by Kyle Sapp

Adult Ed. Room 101



Bible in 90 Days

Taught by Rick & Wendy Power

Adult Ed. Room 102



Seeking to Know the Bible Better

Taught by Bruce Fling

Adult Ed. Room 103



The Writings of John

Taught by Bob Comer

FLC Rooms D&E


Children’s Classes

Nursery (0 – 24 months)

Taught by Susan Roa

Worship Center Room 1


2 years – Kindergarten

Taught by Jill Voss & Devon Cunningham

Worship Center Room 5


1st – 3rd Grade

Taught by Emma Valdez

Worship Center Room 10


Preteen Class

(4th – 6th Grade)

Taught by Ron Neubauer, Veronica Cofer, & Christian Rawlins

Worship Center Rooms 7


Youth Group Class

(7th – 12th Grade)

Taught by Jason Harris