Blurred Discipleship | Bold Conference 2020

Date: March 21st, 2020
Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
(breakfast & lunch included)

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The Bold Conference is a one day conference for Elders, Ministers, and their spouses at Cordova Church of Christ.

Being a leader is a beautiful and difficult calling. It comes with some of the most exciting moments and can also be filled with the most discouraging moments. One element of our day is to encourage leaders. We want to say, “thank you” for all that you are doing. We want to give you an opportunity to worship God and learn without any other responsibilities. Another element of the conference is to equip each other to continue in leadership. Our culture is in constant shift, and our people wrestle with some difficult questions and issues. They need us to be bold and to love them in all things.

Whether you are currently a leader of a church or a potential leader in a church, we hope you’ll join us this year!

Be Bold My Friends.

About our Speaker

Neil Reynolds

Neil is the Senior Minister at the University Church of Christ in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His life was changed through campus ministry on a state university campus as a college student. Because of that experience, Neil is passionate about helping college students find and follow Jesus. He is the author of the eBook The Need for College Ministry: Awakening the Church to One of the Most Receptive Mission Fields in the World

Neil is also the Pathways Director for Kairos Church Planting where he focuses on developing young leaders to start new churches in new places for new people. He has apprenticed multiple leaders who have started or relaunched campus ministries.

Neil’s favorite roles are husband and dad. He is married to Katie and they have two daughters, Eden and Graceann. Neil is also a recovering sports junkie.

Blurred Discipleship: What is the purpose of the church? Without clarity on the answer to that question, we don’t know if we’re hitting the mark. If anyone should have clarity, it’s the church. The stakes are too high for us not to know if we’re hitting the bullseye. Jesus was crystal clear on this: the purpose of the church is to make disciples.