The 2020 Bible Challenge
will be held Sunday
May 17th.

All children who were in kindergarten through sixth grade for the 2019-2020 school year are eligible to participate.

You can print and view practice questions by clicking one of the buttons below:

Or you can practice with digital flashcards by clicking the Quizlet link below:

Children’s participation is voluntary. If the idea of answering questions in such a large setting is unsettling to your child, please contact Susan Roa to arrange a private review. The object of this activity is to encourage knowledge.

Children will sit up front with their grade level grouping. Children will take turns answering questions drawn from the bowl. If a child answers correctly, they will receive a prize ticket and remain with the group. If they answers incorrectly, they will be eliminated, but they will go directly to the prize table to select their prize(s). Each child will receive at least one prize ticket to begin with and an additional prize ticket for each question they answer correctly.

Questioning will continue until we run out of questions or time. All children remaining when questioning concludes will be awarded a trophy. This is in addition to the prizes they will receive from the prize table. The trophies will be awarded sometime in September.

A judge will determine if an answer is acceptable or not. His decision will be final. All answers should be the same as those given on the question list. Please direct any questions regarding the validity of published questions and answers to Susan Roa before Bible Challenge begins.

Our children look forward each year to Bible Challenge. Each year they continue to astonish us with their ability to learn the extensive facts we challenge them to learn. These children should be commended for their efforts. Bible class teachers, parents, and siblings also contribute to their success, and we thank them for their support and their encouragement.

As always, we want to stress fun and enjoyment over competitiveness. After all, this is just a game. The real winners are those who put Bible knowledge into action and live according to God’s precepts. Please emphasize this with your children. Although it may be fun to compete, and although a material incentive is sometimes needed to encourage learning, the Bible Challenge is just one of many ways children can express their knowledge of God’s word.

For more information,
please contact Susan Roa.


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