If you are someone who is comfortable with being in front of others and guiding them in worship on Sunday mornings, we would love to have you participate and use your gifts. Below are suggestions and expectations for those participating in the different areas of worship.

Communion Thought

Communion is a significant spiritual ingredient of every worship service conducted at Cordova Church of Christ. You may be asked to serve by giving the communion thought and leading the prayers for the bread and the juice.

First, the communion thought should be shaped by the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. This is the defining moment of our faith; it is what we remember and reflect on during communion. You may choose to take a somber approach with your reflection or you may choose to take a joyous approach. Whatever direction you choose, we expect the time to be intentional and focused. Communion is a holy practice and should be treated as such.

Second, be aware of the time. This is not the time for a sermon. Please avoid hot button topics such as politics. This is a beautiful time to help draw people to reflect on the greatest moment of our faith. Please keep your thoughts limited to no more than 3 – 5 minutes before praying for the bread.

Third, pray over the bread and, when the time is right and the servers are in place, pray over the juice. Please make sure the servers are in place before you begin your second prayer.

Fourth, if you would like a specific song sung before or during communion, please contact Rick or Wendy Power by the Tuesday before you offer your communion thought.

Finally, if you would like your communion thought to line up with the sermon, please contact our preaching minister: Kyle Sapp.


At Cordova, we believe that giving to God is not a matter of convenience. Giving is not “separate and apart” from the Lord’s Supper or Communion Service. Rather, our opportunity to give to God is a Biblically endorsed form of worship that the church engages in each week.

We don’t want to focus on giving in a way that makes people believe that our congregation is greedy for their money or that it is our primary focus. Rather, we ask that those leading this section of worship keep their thoughts simple, brief, and encouraging.

Worship Leading

Worshiping God through song is a vital part of the worship experience. It is important that those leading be active, faithful Christians with the ability to lead, sing, and communicate.

Song leaders should begin preparation well in advance of the week they are scheduled to lead. They are welcome to attend the Praise Team Practice on Thursday evenings but this is not required. They are required to know the songs before leading them on Sundays. Also, please be familiar with the pitch of the songs you will lead. We do not want to distract our members from seeking to glorify God and encourage others because the songs are pitched in an uncomfortable key. If a song is selected that a leader is unfamiliar with, please contact Rick or Wendy Power to have the song changed.

Song leaders are expected to arrive early to the Sunday Morning Praise Team Practice and be mic’d up and ready to go when the praise team arrives. Song leaders set the tone for the worship service. Prior to practice, we encourage the song leaders to center their hearts on Christ and His blessing, so that the leader is emotionally and spiritually prepared to lead the congregation.


If you are leading a prayer during service, all we ask is that you take the art of leading people in prayer seriously. Prayers do not need to be long and overly worded. They do not have to be spoken too fast either. We do not require that a prayer be improvised. If you would like to write your prayer down before leading, you are welcome to do that. If you would like to lead the congregation in praying through a Psalm or another passage of Scripture, you are welcome to do that. If you would like to speak in the moment, you are welcome to do that. All we expect is that you treat the time as holy.

Preaching the Sermon

While Cordova has a regular preacher, from time to time space is made open for those who wish to offer a word to the congregation. If you are interested in preaching, please contact our preacher Kyle Sapp. Sermon ideas must be approved at least 3 weeks prior to preaching.

In terms of sermon length, we try to keep the sermon to no more than 30 minutes. It should engage the Scriptures in a way that informs, encourages, and inspires others. Illustrations or props that help communicate the overall message are helpful but should be used with intention.

Writing a sermon takes time, so please do not wait until the last minute to craft your sermon. Cover it in prayer. Read other authors who have written on your subject (reference those authors when appropriate, do not plagarize). Let the text speak in the sermon and try not to speak for the text. You do not have to be an expert on your subject matter, just someone who attempts to be faithful to the scripture.