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Report 08

This is the report of the third (3rd) week ending 3/1/12 in BA, Argentina….

We are seeing cancellations due to the horrible train wreck the previous week. Thursday, congress opened and all the trains and the subway system were shut down. The subway system is currently shut down indefinitely. People are very angry. The army was downtown about, 50 blocks away, surrounding congress and the president who was speaking to congress that day.

There was one day of lots of rain and this certainly didn’t help things. It shows the dedication of those who did show up. One reader lives 2 hours by train and has been very punctual and has even come the last two Sundays to Church service staying after to spend time with the youth group. We are excited about this 23 year old young lady coming and seeing her interact with the young adults. She begins her college classes next week.

We had one reader employed by one of the local banks who had TWO co-workers killed in the train wreck. She was very upset, but came to read anyway. Dan and I have both had readers tell us after two weeks that “I am not here for the English but for the Bible study. I can’t find anyone, anywhere that I can study the Bible with but you”. This reinforces to us the confidence given to LST teachers who stay longer than two weeks. We feel this would not be the case if we were only here for two weeks.

One informed reader said there is 20% unemployed and 24% inflation……………. One reader is a psychology professor 76 years old and says he can’t make enough money to retire. He is a good Bible student and is teaching his 6 year old grandchild about Jesus. What a joy to see the faith of some of these people. One reader is 57 and rides her bicycle one hour to come study. I have chosen to study with her two hours straight so she does not have to make the trip twice in one week for a 45 minute study session. She has been instrumental, according to the minister Osvaldo, in all the recent baptisms in the congregation. Her faith is unlike any I have seen. Her name is Marialia (Marie-lia).

We have two Jewish faith readers. One who has finally professed belief in God over the last year. Dan is working on her faith in Jesus. She is 37 years old, married and mother of a young son. Her husband is a top Naval Officer in the Government. I have one, also 37, who knows nothing of Jewish heritage. I am taking her through this heritage in the Old Testament since she has already read all the LST material with previous teachers…. What a challenge for me to paint the whole picture of the importance of Jews in God’s plan in preparation for the coming of Jesus to earth. We have little time, but God will reap the harvest.

On the attached report, if you see a name listed twice with an ‘X’ showing we read twice on the same day, this is not an error but will show we spent two or more hours that day with this reader.

All the locals here have included us in all activities and the young adults have treated us with open arms insuring we are entertained with trips downtown to see the local sights. Dan and I have chosen Not to travel ‘in country’ with all that is going on with the transportation system.

There are no visible signs but political unrest may affect some of our readers before we leave.

Write us or contact us on Skype if you have any suggestions or questions. Please keep them and us in your prayers.

Respectfully, “IN HIM” Richard


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