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Report 05

We have been here in Argentina a week and have discovered the food is much more expensive than we expected. Dan and I are glad we brought nuts and Pnut butter to supplement our hunger pangs.

The readers are priceless. We are humbled by their hunger to learn English and learn the truth of the Scriptures. We feel humbled that God is using us to share HIS message with these people. The ages range from 22 to 83………..We have one Psychologist one Attache to the CO of the Navy, (He will be the next CO of the Navy), an author, artist, MD, shoe shop owner, retired school teachers, many students, and some speak 4 languages and are learning the 5th (English)…..

Because of the high inflation and lack of jobs, many are unemployed. One takes two hours one way by Train and Bus to come and read.

I am surprised that most of these do not read the Bible on any frequency and are surprised by God’s message that we are bringing them… It is such a pleasure to see their eyes light up over some topic we read and discuss. God is good….

There are a mix of religions and we have one at least from almost all of them. We even have one proclaimed communist. Dan told her “I am a Christian”. I don’t think she caught the comparison……

We will try our best to keep you posted up to date………

In HIM, Rich

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