Wedding Policy

Wedding Policy

This is an abbreviated policy. Click the link above for the full wedding/reception/party policy.  Click Here for pdf Version of Policy

Weddings performed in our facilities will be for the members of the Rancho Cordova Congregation ONLY. As a rule, we do not charge a rental fee but do ask couples to pay for personnel. ALL MARRIAGES MUST COMPLY WITH THE CORDOVA CHURCH OF CHRIST BYLAWS. FOR A COPY OF THE BYLAWS, PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE.


Minister – If the Cordova Church of Christ provides the Minister, it is customary to give an honorarium to the Minister.

Wedding Coordinator – A fee of $200 paid for the Wedding Coordinator. It is required to use our designated coordinator.

Counseling – Every couple that is married in our facilities will be required to go through a counseling period with one of the elders or one of the ministers of our congregation. Counseling can also be done by an approved designated individual as selected by the eldership or coordinated with the ministers. Pastoral, pre-marital counseling is provided complimentary for those getting married at Cordova church of Christ.

Sound Engineer – A fee of $75 paid for the Sound Engineer. Our designated sound engineer is required for each wedding that uses any of our sound equipment. In the event you need technical assistance to develop and produce a multi-media slide show or video to be shown during the wedding, additional costs may be required. All multi-media shows must be completed at least one week prior to the wedding so it can be tested on our system. After this deadline, Cordova technical staff members will have to produce any multi-media shows at an additional cost to be negotiated with our tech team. We prefer to receive a detailed list of your desired wedding music with an I-Tunes card sufficient for purchasing the music for our system.

Janitorial Services – $50 for set up and clean up of the auditorium. An additional $100 for set up and clean up of the Family Life Center, if used for the reception.

Payment of these fees (totaling either $425 or $325 based on FLC use must be paid to the church office no later than two weeks prior to the wedding). The $100 deposit listed below will count towards these costs.

Use of Facilities

Scheduling – Date and time of the rehearsal, wedding and reception (if applicable) must be scheduled and confirmed with the church secretary, wedding coordinator and the sound engineer. A $100 cleaning deposit is required within 7 days to hold the reservation. The remaining costs are to be paid two weeks prior to the wedding.

Music – Taped music or music played by instruments are allowed in the auditorium or the Family Life Center.

Dancing – Dancing is not permitted on church property.

Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not allowed in any part of the wedding or reception service or any where else on the church property.

Smoking – Smoking is not allowed on church property.

Decorating – Wedding parties shall coordinate with the office staff and/or wedding coordinator in obtaining access to the buildings prior to the wedding for the purpose of decorating. You will have access the day of the rehearsal and wedding only.

Clean up – The church will be responsible for the rearrangement of furniture and equipment, vacuuming, etc. of all facilities used. The members of the wedding party are responsible for the removal of all personal items, decorations, etc. When the reception is held in the Family Life Center, the wedding party is responsible for the clearing of all tables and general straightening up of the area used. The janitorial staff will not be responsible for removal of food from the kitchen or decorations from tables. They will, however, do the deep cleaning, vacuuming, resetting, bathroom restock and brush-up. You cannot leave food or decorations in the kitchen or church building after the reception/wedding is complete.

Receptions must be completed and all personal items removed by 9:00 PM if the wedding falls on a Saturday evening.

Appropriate Use – Our church building represents a spiritual and holy cause. Marriage and reception activities must be respectful of that cause; therefore, appropriate behavior is expected.


Notes about building use & restrictions:

•Decorations in the auditorium must be approved by the Wedding Coordinators — they will help balance requests with the wishes and unwritten restrictions of the church. Pre-approval is required for any attic access and/or ladder use that could result in falls or injuries. Changes to the stage lights are not permitted for weddings. Adjustments that can be made via the light board will be customized by the hired technician.

•Decorations may not be affixed to the pews or chairs in any way that could damage the finish or fabric (i.e. staples, nails, some types of tape, etc.)

•Chairs in the Family Life Center can only be used in the Family Life Center. Outdoor weddings are only permitted if the wedding party is willing to rent chairs from a provider that both sets up and breaks down the rental chairs. This applies to both weddings and receptions.

•Window coverings and/or church decorations cannot be removed.

•Painting on the walls or furniture is absolutely prohibited.

•Candles that drip wax are not allowed in the auditorium or Family Life Center in a manner where they could drip on the carpet, furniture, walls, etc.