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September 18, 2016-Blameless Lovers-1Timothy 3:1-7

Our BIG IDEA for the next two weeks comes from author and healthy elder enthusiast Lyn Anderson who writes, “The authority of an elder grows not out of a title emblazoned across a church letterhead, but out of the quality of the elder’s life.”

1) What do you think of the quote in this week’s Big Idea?

2) The sermon mentioned how sometimes Elder selection processes can lead to hurt within the church. Without getting bogged down in the negative, how have you seen this in your experience?

  1. What can we do in this selection process to avoid mistakes from the past?

Read 1 Timothy 3:1-7

3) Paul says an elder should be above reproach. Kyle said this phrase should lead us to considering men who are mature but not expect perfection from them. What is the difference between expecting someone to be perfect vs. expecting them to be mature?

  1. In the sermon Kyle said we should be looking for men with child-like faith and not a childish faith. What is the difference between someone having a childish faith vs. someone who has a child-like faith?

4) Kyle explained in the sermon that when Paul talks about an overseer being a one woman man, he is more concerned with the character being revealed in his marriage than his status. What are some skills you use to have a healthy marriage that would be useful in being a healthy leader?

  1. Do you agree that a divorce in someone’s past should not immediately disqualify them from Shepherding? Why or why not?

5) Why does Paul make the connection between how a man runs his household and how he will run the church? (Think beyond just his marriage)

6) What benefits are brought to a church who is led by Elders who have a good relationship with outsiders?

Read Galatians 5: 22-25

7) Compare this description to Paul’s description of overseers in 1Timothy. Where do you see similarities?

8) Many of these characteristics are qualities we should all pursue regardless of whether we are considering eldering or not. Is there a particular characteristic listed in 1Timothy 3, that you feel challenged by or convicted of?

  1. What steps could you take to work on that this week?

9) What other thoughts or questions do you have about the sermon?

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