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August 21, 2016 – Conflict Resolution – Matthew 18:15-20

mGroup Questions
August 21, 2016
Matthew 18:15-20
Conflict Resolution

Big Idea: Conflict between people is a part of life; it can either break us or build us up. When there is conflict, Jesus invites us to humbly engage each other, one on one, and pursue reconciliation.

1. The sermon mentioned three ways we deal with conflict in unhealthy ways: anonymously, talking to others and exploding. Spend some time thinking through how each of these ways does not bring resolution or reconciliation.

a. Anonymous Letters-

b. Talking to Everyone Else-

c. Exploding-

Read Philippians 2:3-8
2. How does humility help maintain unity during conflict?

3. Paul says a Christian’s attitude is “not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” Is this even possible?

a. What are some examples of Christians looking to the interest of others instead of themselves?

Read Matthew 18:15-20
4. In the sermon Kyle talked about recognizing a person as your brother o sister in Christ. Why is it important for us to have a relationship with someone whom we are trying to hold accountable?

5. Jesus offers three phases for helping Christians who have sinned and reconciling them, how does each phase help move us towards reconciliation?
a. One on One Conversation-

b. Two on One Conversation-

c. Involving the Elders-

6. What does Jesus mean when he says, “Treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector?” How do we see Jesus treating pagans and tax collectors?

7. How do vv. 18-20 relate to dealing with sin in the church?

Read Matthew 5: 23-24
8. Why is the person at the altar supposed to stop offering their gift (their worship) and go make amends with their brother first?

Go and Do: This week if you know of someone you have wronged or know of someone who holds something against you, go and begin to make amends with them in the name of Jesus.

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