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August 14, 2016 – Rotten – Isaiah 5:1-7

mGroup Questions
August 14, 2016
Isaiah 5:1-7

Big Idea: Sin rots us from the inside out and this breaks God’s heart. Thanks be to God that through Christ we can be healed and bear good fresh fruit in our lives.

1. Have you ever had your heart broken? Tell that story.

Read Isaiah 5:1-7
2. In this song God seems both sorrowful and angry. How are sorrow and anger similar feelings?

a. What does this song teach us about God?

3. At the end of the song, God looks to find both righteousness and justice in Israel but finds neither. How do you define righteousness? How do you define justice?

a. What are some ways we pursue righteousness and justice in our lives?

4. In the sermon, Kyle described various ways God worked with Israel throughout their story. Think about how God has worked in your life. What has God done to bless you?

Read Isaiah 5:8-23
5. Isaiah lists six woes against Israel in this passage. Identify each woe and offer a modern day example for each of them.

6. Of these six woes, which ones do you think are the biggest struggles in our culture today?

a. Do any of these woes apply to a struggle you might be going through today?

Read Php. 4:12-13
7. Centering on Christ is how we stay content and how we avoid breaking the heart of God. What practices do you keep to find contentment in Christ as Paul mentions here?

Read 1 John 1:8-9
8. The sermon quoted Richard Foster who said, “Sin, for sure, separates us from God. But trying to hide our sin separates us all the more.” What does he mean ?

9. What holds you back when it comes to the practice of confession?

10. What steps could you take to become more comfortable with confession?

This week make some time and space for centering on Christ through the Scriptures and may you find the courage to confess to a trusted friend. Blessings to you all!!

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