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Small Group  // Small Group material

October 2, 2016 -Breaking Baaaaaaaad-1 Peter 5: 1-7

The BIG IDEA for this week: Sheep Submit to Shepherds Read 1 Peter 5:1-4 In vs. 3, what does Paul contrast “lording over” to? What is he referring to?   The sermon proposed that Shepherds are servants. Why is it important to keep this view in mind if one is an Elder? Why is it […]


September 18, 2016-Blameless Lovers-1Timothy 3:1-7

Our BIG IDEA for the next two weeks comes from author and healthy elder enthusiast Lyn Anderson who writes, “The authority of an elder grows not out of a title emblazoned across a church letterhead, but out of the quality of the elder’s life.” 1) What do you think of the quote in this week’s […]


September 11, 2016 A Noble Task – Acts 20:17, 28-31

Big Idea: It can be easy to associate baggage with Elders. However, Paul reminds us that Eldering is a noble task that the Church desperately needs. Eldering accomplishes three noble  tasks: 1) Lead Us Forward, 2) Care Deeply For Us, and 3) Protect Us from Danger. Talk about an Elder you know or have known […]


August 21, 2016 – Conflict Resolution – Matthew 18:15-20

mGroup Questions August 21, 2016 Matthew 18:15-20 Conflict Resolution Big Idea: Conflict between people is a part of life; it can either break us or build us up. When there is conflict, Jesus invites us to humbly engage each other, one on one, and pursue reconciliation. 1. The sermon mentioned three ways we deal with […]


August 14, 2016 – Rotten – Isaiah 5:1-7

mGroup Questions August 14, 2016 Rotten Isaiah 5:1-7 Big Idea: Sin rots us from the inside out and this breaks God’s heart. Thanks be to God that through Christ we can be healed and bear good fresh fruit in our lives. 1. Have you ever had your heart broken? Tell that story. Read Isaiah 5:1-7 […]


August 7, 2016 – Faith, Hope & Love – 1 Corinthians 13:13

mGroup Questions August 7, 2016 “Faith, Hope & Love” 1 Corinthians 13:13 1. Why do you think faith, hope and love are core to the life of the Christian? a. How would you define faith? b. How would you define hope? c. How would you define love? 2. Of the three, (faith, hope & love) […]


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Small Groups

The small groups ministry exists to bring a greater sense of biblical community to Cordova Church of Christ. Each small group encourages its members to grow closer to God, have a better understanding of the Bible, and find a place of belonging in the community of faith. These groups meet regionally throughout the Sacramento metropolitan […]


July 31, 2016 – The Responsibility of Power – Matthew 20:24-28

mGroup Questions July 31, 2016 The Responsibility of Power Matthew 20:24-28 1. What did power mean to the disciples? 2. What did it mean to be a leader in the eyes of the disciples? 3. What did it mean to be a leader in the mind of Christ? 4. What led the other disciples to […]


July 24, 2016 – The Kinsman-Redeemer – Ruth 4:1-22

mGroup Questions July 24, 2016 Ruth 4:1-22 1. What are some insights that you have gained from our study of Ruth so far? 2. How do the themes of sorrow, service and submission fit chapters 1, 2 and 3? 3. What are some qualities that you have observed about Naomi, Ruth and Boaz? 4. What […]


July 17, 2016 – At His Feet – Ruth 3:1-18

mGroup Questions July 17, 2017 At His Feet Ruth 3:1-18 1. In your reading of the Book of Ruth, how have you seen pictures of Jesus? 2. What did Naomi say to Ruth that would give her reason to approach Boaz? 3. How do you think Naomi felt when she spoke with Ruth and Ruth […]