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February 28, 2016 – Generous Living, Part 3 (It’s About Time) – Matthew 25:14-30

mGroup QuestionsFebruary 28, 2016Generous Living – Part 3It’s About TimeMatthew 25:14-30 1. How can the time we have been given be considered a resource from God for us to manage? 2. How can we invest the time we have been given for the kingdom of God as we await Jesus’ return? 3. What does it […]


February 21, 2016 – Living Generously, Part 2 (Working While Waiting) – Matthew 25:14-30

mGroup QuestionsGenerous Living – Part 2Working While WaitingMatthew 25:14-30  1. How often do you think about the second coming of Jesus? 2. What impact does that have on your life? 3. What idea does Jesus repeat in Matthew 24:42, 25:44 and 25:13? 4. What principles do you draw from Jesus’ parable of the talents in […]


February 14 – Generous Living, Part 1 – 2 Corinthians 8:1-5

mGroup QuestionsFebruary 14, 2016Generous Living, Part 12 Corinthians 8:1-5 1)    Who is someone in your life you would describe as generous? Read 2 Corinthians 8:1-5 2)     What stands out to you in Paul’s description of the Macedonian churches? 3)     Which is easier for you to be generous when you are rich or generous when […]


February 7, 2016 – Helping People Love God – Acts 8:26-40

mGroup QuestionsHelping People Love GodActs 8:26-40 Read Acts 8:26-40 1)     Why does the Angel of the Lord mention that Philip is to go on a desert road? 2)     What is so interesting about the man he meets? What does this tell us about God? 3)     The text mentions that Philip ran to the chariot, why […]


January 31, 2016 – Helping People Love God – Matthew 28:16-20

mGroup QuestionsJanuary 31, 2016The Power of PurposeHelping People Love GodMatthew 28:16-20 1. Name the people who were influential in bringing you to Christ.  2. Name the people who have been helpful in assisting you in your spiritual growth. 3. Name the people you are now intentionally influencing to become a Christian. 4. Name the people […]


January 24, 2016 – The Power of Purpose; Loving People – Luke 10:25-37

mGroup QuestionsLoving PeopleRead Luke 10: 25-37 1)     Scripture says this expert was trying to test Jesus. What do you think He was looking to prove? 2)     Explain how what the teacher says is, as Matthew says, the Greatest commandment?” 3)     How is loving God with your whole self, connected to loving people? How are these […]


January 10, 2016 – The Power of Purpose, Part 2 – Matthew 22:34-40

mGroup QuestionsThe Power of Purpose – Part 2Learning to Love GodMatthew 22:34-40    1. Why is it important for any group to have a clear understanding of its mission or purpose?   2. Give an example of a group that has a clear mission.   3. Why is it important for any group to have […]


January 3, 2016 – The Power of Purpose – Matthew 22:34-40

mGroup QuestionsJanuary 3, 2016The Power of PurposeMatthew 22:34-40    1. Why is it important to have an understanding of your purpose or mission in life as an individual?   2. Why is it important to have an understanding of our purpose or mission as a church?   3. When you think of the following individuals […]


December 13, 2015 – Bread, Dogs & Crumbs – Matthew 15:21-28

mGroup QuestionsEncountering Jesus Part 5Bread, Dogs and CrumbsMatthew 15:21-28    1. What is the significance of the woman in the story being a Canaanite? 2. Why do you think Jesus did not answer her when she first made a request of Him? (See verse 23.) 3. What are your thoughts about the disciples’ response? (See […]


December 6, 2015 – Young, Rich & Influential – Matthew 19:16-22

mGroup QuestionsDecember 6, 2015Encountering Jesus  Part 4Young, Rich & InfluentialMatthew 19:16-22  1. Why do you think people in our culture value being young, rich and influential? 2. How is it that a person may have youth, wealth and influence and still feel they are lacking something? 3. How would you have answered the young man’s […]