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May 15, 2016 – The Call to Lead: Influencing God’s People to Accomplish God’s Purposes – Nehemiah 2:17-18

May 15, 2016mGroup QuestionsThe Call to LeadInfluencing God’s People to Accomplish God’s PurposesNehemiah 2:17-18    1. How would you define a leader? (What is a leader?) 2. What are leaders called to do?   3. Comment on the following statement: “Leaders influence God’s people to accomplish God’s purposes.”   4. How would you describe the functions […]


May 8, 2016 – Blessing Generations; A Mom’s Faith – 2 Timothy 1:3-5

May 8, 2016Blessing Generations; A Mom’s Faith2 Timothy 1:3-5   1. Talk about your mom.             – Who was she? – What was the relationship like? – How have you been shaped by your mom?   2. God not only blesses us with physical mother’s but He also provides spiritual mother’s for many of us. […]


May 1, 2016 – Worship in Prayer

May 1, 2016Worship in Prayer   1) What are some of the common requests for which people ask for prayer?   2) Why is it important for congregations to pray together?   3) How do you feel when others pray for you?   4) What part of Sunday’s prayer service did you appreciate the most? […]


April 24, 2016 – The Mysteries of Prayer – Philippians 4:6-7

April 24, 2016mGroup QuestionsThe Mysteries of PrayerPhilippians 4:6-7    1. How would define a mystery?  2. Describe some examples of things or areas of life which have an element of mystery. 3. What do you think the Apostle Paul meant when he spoke of the peace of God which “transcends all understanding?” (See Phil. 4:6-7.) […]


April 17, 2016 – Shhh… – 1 Kings 19:1-14

It’s important to talk to God, God loves to hear from us. Yet we must also make space for listening, there is a refreshing joy that comes from “the quiet.” Sometimes the best prayers are those from a quiet, unspoken place.   Read 1 Kings 19:1-14   Consider Elijah’s action in ch. 18, when the […]


April 10, 2016 – Who’d Give A Snake? – Luke 11:1-13

April 10, 2016 m|group Questions Who’d Give a Snake? Luke 11:1-13 1) Do you ever feel discouraged or disinterested in prayer? Why?  The heart of this week’s sermon was to help people “dive in” to prayer. It can be hard to pray, we can feel too tired to pray, but prayer is a wonderful part […]


April 3, 2016 – Three Movements of Prayer – Luke 11:1

mGroup QuestionsApril 3, 2016Prayer – Part 1Three Movements of PrayerLuke 11:1  1. How important is prayer in the life of the believer?   2. Describe your earliest experiences with prayer.   3. How would you describe your prayers and prayer life now?   4. How does your prayer life differ now as compared to years […]


March 27, 2016 – Risen; A Song of New Creation – 1 Corinthians 15:50-55

MGroup QuestionsMarch 27, 2016Risen – A Song of New Creation1 Corinthians 15:50-55 This week’s sermon centered on the way songs capture our hearts and invite us to join in and sing. This is how the Resurrection of Jesus works. His song captures our hearts and transforms us. Through the resurrection we tune in to all […]


March 20, 2016 – Voices of the Cross – Luke 23: 32-46

  mGroup QuestionsVoices of the CrossLuke 23: 32-46 Introduction- This week’s sermon was about two voices heard during the Crucifixion: the voice of Mockery and the voice of Mercy. Mockery is the voice that stands opposed to God. Mercy is God’s response.  1) What voices are competing for people’s attention, for people’s beliefs in today’s […]


March 13, 2016 – Pictures of the Cross – Luke 23: 33-46

mGroup QuestionsPictures of the CrossLuke 23: 33-46 Introduction – There are multiple pictures in any given picture. Take a closer look and you will a number of images. In the picture of the cross we find a number of other pictures, each of which has its own significance. Each contributes to the one picture of […]