Bible Challenge: K – 1st Grade Questions

Bible Challenge 2019
Completed Kindergarten or First Grade List

New Testament
(45 Questions)

  1. How many books are in the New Testament? 27
  2. What are the first four books of the New Testament? MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN
  3. What is the last book of the New Testament? REVELATION
  4. Who was the mother of Jesus? MARY
  5. Who was married to Mary, the mother of Jesus? JOSEPH
  6. Where was Jesus born? BETHLEHEM
  7. Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem? TO BE COUNTED
  8. What was Jesus’s first bed? MANGER
  9. What showed the wise men from the east how to find Jesus? STAR
  10. Who were the parents of John the Baptist? ZECHARIAH AND ELIZABETH
  11. What happened to Zechariah because he didn’t believe the angel who told him his wife would have a baby? HE COULDN’T SPEAK
  12. Where was young Jesus when his family thought he was lost? IN THE TEMPLE
  13. What strange foods did John the Baptist eat? LOCUSTS AND WILD HONEY
  14. Who baptized Jesus? JOHN THE BAPTIST
  15. How many apostles were there? 12
  16. Who offered to share his lunch with 5,000 people? A LITTLE BOY
  17. What was in the lunch that was shared by 5,000 people? 5 LOAVES OF BREAD AND 2 SMALL FISH
  18. Who tried to walk on water with Jesus? PETER
  19. What happened when Peter tried to walk on water? HE SANK
  20. What kind of animal did Jesus say we are like? SHEEP
  21. What does a shepherd do? TAKES CARE OF SHEEP
  22. Where did the wise man build his house? UPON THE ROCK
  23. When ten lepers were healed by Jesus, how many came back to thank him? ONE
  24. What was the matter with Bartimaeus? HE WAS BLIND
  25. Who made Bartimaeus see? JESUS
  26. Who climbed a tree to see Jesus? ZACCHAEUS
  27. Whom did Jesus say we must be like if we want to go to heaven? LITTLE CHILDREN
  28. When Jesus said, “Peace, be still” what happened? STORM STOPPED/WATER BECAME CALM
  29. What did people do with some palm tree branches and their coats as Jesus rode by on a donkey? PUT THEM ON THE PATH
  30. How much money did the poor widow put in the offering? TWO SMALL COINS/MITES
  31. What did Jesus tell the disciples to do whenever they ate the bread and drank the grape juice? REMEMBER HIM/THINK ABOUT HIM
  32. Which apostle betrayed Jesus by turning him over to the soldiers? JUDAS
  33. How did Judas let the soldiers know who Jesus was? WITH A KISS
  34. What did Peter do to try to keep Jesus from being arrested? CUT OFF A MAN’S EAR
  35. What did Peter hear after he said he didn’t know Jesus for the third time? A ROOSTER CROWING
  36. What did the soldiers put on Jesus’s head? CROWN OF THORNS
  37. How did Jesus die? ON THE CROSS/CRUCIFIED
  38. Why did Jesus have to die? TO PAY FOR OUR SINS
  39. Who told the women who came to Jesus’s tomb that he was not there? AN ANGEL
  40. When Peter and John looked inside the Jesus’ tomb, what did they find? IT WAS EMPTY
  41. After staying on earth for 40 days after he came back to life, where did Jesus go? HEAVEN
  42. Just before Jesus went back to heaven, what did Jesus tell his disciples he wanted them to do? TELL EVERYONE ABOUT HIM
  43. What is another word for epistle? LETTER
  44. What book of the New Testament tells about how the church grew? ACTS
  45. Who was the man who tried to hurt Christians until he learned about Jesus? SAUL/PAUL