Bible Challenge 2020

Completed Fourth – Sixth Grade List

(66 questions)

What Man?

  1. Built the ark? NOAH
  1. Lived to be 969? METHUSELAH
  2. Built the Temple? SOLOMON
  3. Tried to kill baby Jesus? HEROD THE GREAT/HEROD
  4. Preached the first gospel sermon? PETER
  5. Was the Pharisee who came to Jesus by night? NICODEMUS
  6. Was the criminal released instead of Jesus? BARRABAS
  7. Saw a sheet with animals coming down from heaven? PETER
  8. Interpreted the handwriting on the wall? DANIEL
  9. Became king when he was eight years old? JOSIAH
  10. Lost everything but would not curse God? JOB
  11. Was the priest that Abraham gave one-tenth of his wealth to? MELCHIZEDEK
  12. Interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams? JOSEPH
  13. Was the priest that Samuel served? ELI
  14. Made an ax head float? ELISHA


What Is It?

  1. A contract or agreement COVENANT
  2. Leaving EXODUS
  3. Disobey God SIN
  4. Turn away from what is wrong REPENT
  5. Rising from the dead RESURRECTION
  6. Returning to heaven ASCENSION
  7. Being killed on a cross CRUCIFIXION
  8. Not eating or drinking in order to spend time praying FASTING
  9. Giving one tenth of all that you have TITHE
  10. Something like yeast that makes bread rise LEAVEN
  11. Let it be so AMEN
  12. Not enough food in the land FAMINE
  13. ”’God with us” IMMANUEL
  14. A gift that is not deserved GRACE
  15. A portable, tent-like building where the Israelites worshipped TABERNACLE
  1. Places in a town or village where Jews worshipped SYNAGOGUES
  2. Place in Jerusalem first built by Solomon where Jews worshipped; it held the ark of the covenant and the Holy of Holies TEMPLE
  1. Seventh day of the week when Jews did no work SABBATH
  2. A burial in water BAPTISM
  3. “What is it?” MANNA
  4. To buy back REDEEM
  5. To keep clean or holy SANCTIFY
  6. Separated or set apart for special use HOLY
  7. Praising God by singing, giving, and serving Him WORSHIP
  8. Mark with oil to show someone is set apart for God ANOINT
  9. When Peter, James, and John saw Moses, Elijah, and Jesus appear together TRANSFIGURATION
  1. An offering given to God in worship SACRIFICE
  2. A poem that was sung PSALM
  3. A Jewish holiday 50 days after Passover PENTECOST
  4. The empire that ruled the Jews in New Testament times ROMAN


Which of God’s Helpers?

  1. Spoke a message from God? PROPHET
  2. Was always from the tribe of Levi? PRIEST
  3. Was the head of a family? PATRIARCH
  4. Was one of twelve special men who followed Jesus? APOSTLE
  5. Goes to other places to teach about Jesus? MISSIONARY
  6. Copied the words in the Bible? SCRIBE
  7. Made sure the people of Israel were being treated fairly? JUDGES
  8. Is a man who leads the church like a shepherd? ELDER
  9. Is described in 1 Timothy as a man with a good reputation who serves the church? DEACON
  1. Is also called a servant? MINISTER


Finish the verse

  1. (Mark 1: 17) “I will make you fishers_ OF MEN”
  2. (Genesis 4:9) “Am I my brother’s _ KEEPER”
  3. (Genesis 50:20) “You intended to harm me, _ BUT GOD INTENDED IT FOR GOOD”
  1. (Joshua 24:15) “As for me and my household_THE LORDWE WILL SERVE”
  1. (Ecclesiastes 12: 1) “Remember your creator_YOUTH”
  1. (Psalm 119: 1 05) “Your word is a lamp to my feet and_ PATH”
  2. (1 Corinthians 13:13) “And now these three remain, faith, hope, and love_BUT THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE”
  3. (Proverbs 20:11) “Even a child is known _ BY HIS ACTIONS”
  4. (Mark 10:27) “With man this is impossible, but not with God;_ ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD”
  5. (1 John 4:19) “We love because_ HE FIRST LOVED US”