Bible Challenge 2020

Completed Second and Third Grade List

Old Testament
(50 Questions)

  1. What was the first thing God created? LIGHT
  2. What did God create on the sixth day? ANIMALS AND MAN
  3. What did God use when He made Adam? DUST
  4. What did God use to make Eve? ADAM’S RIB
  5. How did God punish Cain? SENT HIM AWAY
  6. How long did it rain when God flooded the earth? 40 DAYS
  7. What does the rainbow mean? GOD WILL NEVER AGAIN FLOOD THE WHOLE EARTH
  8. What Bible story explains why people speak different languages? TOWER OF BABEL
  9. What did God promise Abram (Abraham)? HE WOULD MAKE A GREAT NATION FROM HIM
  10. Who was Abram’s (Abraham’s) wife? SARAH
  11. Who was Abram’s (Abraham’s) nephew? LOT
  12. How old was Abraham when he and Sarah had a baby? 100 YEARS OLD
  13. What was the name of Abraham and Sarah’s son? ISAAC
  14. What did God tell Abraham to do with Isaac when he was a young boy? OFFER HIM AS A SACRIFICE
  15. Who was the girl Isaac married? REBEKAH
  16. Who were the twin sons of Isaac and Rebekah? JACOB AND ESAU
  17. Who was older, Jacob or Esau? ESAU
  18. When Esau became very hungry, what did he give to Jacob in trade for a bowl of stew? HIS BIRTHRIGHT
  20. What girl did Jacob want to marry? RACHEL
  21. Who was the father of Rachel and Leah? LABAN
  22. How did Laban trick Jacob? HE GAVE HIM LEAH TO MARRY INSTEAD OF RACHEL
  23. Who was Jacob’s favorite son? JOSEPH
  24. Where was Joseph taken to be a slave? EGYPT
  25. Who was the man who owned Joseph? POTIPHAR
  26. How did Pharoah reward Joseph for telling him about his dream? HE MADE HIM SECOND IN CHARGE OF ALL OF EGYPT
  27. Who was the sister of Moses? MIRIAM       
  28. Who was the brother of Moses? AARON
  29. What was strange about the bush that Moses saw? IT WAS ON FIRE BUT IT WAS NOT BURNING UP
  30. How were the Israelites saved from the tenth plague? THEY ATE A SPECIAL MEAL AND SPRINKLED BLOOD ON THE DOORPOSTS
  31. What did Moses do when he came down from the mountain and saw the people worshipping a golden calf? HE BROKE THE TABLETS
  32. Who were the only two spies who said the Israelites could take the Promised Land? JOSHUA AND CALEB
  33. How did God punish the Israelites for not believing that they could take the Promised Land? THEY WANDERED IN THE WILDERNESS FOR 40 YEARS
  34. What did the Israelites eat while they wandered in the wilderness? MANNA AND QUAIL
  35. What do we call God’s helpers who were leaders of the Israelites before they had kings? JUDGES
  36. Most of the judges were men, but which judge was a woman? DEBORAH
  37. What man led an army of just 300 men carrying only torches, trumpets, and jars? GIDEON
  38. What judge was known for his great strength? SAMSON
  39. What woman tricked Samson into telling her the secret of his strength? DELILAH
  40. Who are two famous relatives of Ruth? DAVID AND JESUS
  41. Which book in the Bible includes many of the songs or poems that David wrote? PSALMS
  43. What is a prophet? SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS FOR GOD
  44. How did Elisha reward the Shunamite couple for their kindness to him? THEY WERE ABLE TO HAVE A SON
  45. Who was the king of Israel whom God gave 15 more years to live? HEZEKIAH
  46. Who had a contest with the prophets of Baal? ELIJAH
  47. What evil plan did Haman come up with because of his hatred for Mordecai? TO KILL ALL THE JEWS
  48. Who was the King of Babylon who brought Daniel to Babylon? NEBUCHADNEZAR
  49. What strange thing happened during the banquet of King Belshazzar? A HAND WROTE ON THE WALL
  50. Who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem? NEHEMIAH