Bible Challenge: 2nd – 3rd Grade Questions

Bible Challenge 2019

Completed Second and Third Grade List

New Testament
(50 Questions)

  1. What is the name for the first four books of the New Testament which tell about the life of Jesus? GOSPELS
  2. What does gospel mean? GOOD NEWS
  3. Who told Mary she would have a baby? THE ANGEL GABRIEL/GABRIEL
  4. In what town did Jesus grow up? NAZARETH
  5. What kind of work did Joseph do? CARPENTRY/CARPENTER
  6. Where did Mary find 12-year-old Jesus when she was looking for him in Jerusalem? IN THE TEMPLE
  7. Who said he would give Jesus all the kingdoms on earth if he would bow down to him? SATAN/DEVIL
  8. What do we call one of the special helpers whom Jesus called to follow him? APOSTLE
  9. What do we call something that could only happen with God’s special help? MIRACLE
  10. What was the first miracle that Jesus performed? TURNING WATER INTO WINE
  11. What kind of work did Peter, Andrew, James, and John do? FISHERMEN
  12. What job did both Matthew and Zacchaeus have? TAX COLLECTOR
  13. How did the friends of the paralyzed man reach Jesus? THEY MADE A HOLE IN THE ROOF
  14. How can a person be born again? BE BAPTIZED AND LIVE A NEW LIFE
  15. What do we call a story that helps us understand something about how God wants us to live? PARABLE
  16. What does Peter’s name mean? ROCK
  17. What did the young son do with the money his father gave him? WASTED IT/SPENT IT ON WILD LIVING
  18. What terrible skin disease did many people get in Bible times? LEPROSY
  19. Whom did Jesus say we must become like if we want to enter the kingdom of heaven? CHILDREN
  20. What did Jesus say it is easier for a camel to do than for a rich man to go to heaven? GO THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE
  21. Why was Jesus pleased with the widow who put only two small coins in the offering? SHE GAVE ALL SHE HAD
  22. In the parable of the lost sheep, how many sheep did the man own? 100 SHEEP
  23. When Jesus found men in the Temple selling animals, what did he do? DROVE THEM OUT WITH A WHIP
  1. Who was the friend of Jesus who came back to life after being dead for four days? LAZARUS
  2. Who were the two sisters of Lazarus? MARY AND MARTHA
  3. What two groups of Jews were often against Jesus and his teachings? PHARISEES AND SADDUCEES
  4. What disciple didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet? PETER
  5. What two things did Jesus tell his disciples to eat and drink to remember him? BREAD/CRACKER AND GRAPE JUICE/WINE
  6. Which apostle told some people he didn’t even know Jesus? PETER
  7. Who was the Roman governor who decided if Jesus should die? PILATE
  8. What was Simon of Cyrene made to do? CARRY THE CROSS FOR JESUS
  9. Who was crucified along with Jesus? TWO THIEVES
  10. What special thing did Joseph of Arimathea do? LET JESUS BE BURIED IN HIS TOMB
  11. Which disciple had to touch Jesus before he would believe that Jesus was really alive? THOMAS
  12. What Jewish holiday was celebrated 50 days after Passover? PENTECOST
  13. How many people were baptized when Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost? 3,000 PEOPLE
  1. Who lied about some money they gave to the church? ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA
  2. Which disciple was stoned to death? STEPHEN
  3. After the Ethiopian learned about Jesus, what did he want to do? BE BAPTIZED
  4. What two groups of people were there in Jesus’ time? JEWS AND GENTILES
  5. Who was the first Gentile to be baptized? CORNELIUS
  6. What did Peter and John tell the lame beggar they didn’t have? SILVER AND GOLD
  7. What happened to Saul on his way to Damascus? BECAME BLIND
  8. What did the Jewish leaders tell Peter and Paul to stop doing? TEACHING ABOUT JESUS
  9. While Paul and Silas were in prison, what were they doing? SINGING
  10. What disaster happened to Paul on his way to Rome? HE WAS SHIPWRECKED
  11. Who wrote most of the letters in the New Testament? PAUL
  12. Which letter was written by Paul to ask a man to be kind to his slave? PHILEMON
  13. Who is the Alpha and the Omega? JESUS
  14. What place is described in Revelation? HEAVEN